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PowerToys Tweak UI 2.10

Electronic Punk

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The option to make the non-welcome-screen-login the same as your current one is a great feature (screensaver/theme/cursor)

Great stuff.


Yeah was going to also add about sp1 or sp1a.
If you uninstall sp1/sp1a and double click my computer then right click inside you get that error.

Had a slow a*rse machine yesterday so uninstalled sp1a reinstalled XP Pro reinstalled service pack and saved updates, now 35% at least better. :)

Ohh yes back to my point, I like to add anything I find released quickly or just released that I have not seen on front page or anywhere else, as it gets seen quicker and it has to be moderated first.

Prefer forums, I am a forum bum.

That error let me ask you do you have Ulead DVD MovieFactory V1.0 installed? As they have a fix at their site for the same error, coz if you install Ulead DVD MovieFactory V1.0 and right click inside my computer you get same error. Took me months of postings in Ulead forums and a heap of e-mails telling them Ulead DVD MovieFactory V1.0 when XP was released.

They sent me a heap of gobble-dee-gook to try out which didn't work, till eventually they owned up to the error (after saying it works perfectly well on their machines, as they do always) admitting the error was their responsabilty to look into then find a fix.

As an apology they gave me a free download (smart saver pro)
hey nice huh.

They gave me the fix, it's on their site it's called fixenvironment.exe.

Okkkies need to hang around the forums hoping for some meths.


I may actually be insane.
Well that's just crap :D Microsoft were kind enough to send me SP1 on cd, So I'll get that installed once the stuff I'm downloading has finished :)


XP service pack was available for download a long time ago. It went through here, winbeta.org, fileconnect.net, iexbet.com like wildfire with beta releases by some of us build 1600 if I can remember being installed as an early beta release of sp1 service pack.

Microsoft TweakUI V2.10.0.0
is really only to be installed on a sp1 or later XP PC.
Dunno what you going on about, when you are refering to M$ sending you it on CD.
I even have a CD r.o.m. that is dated February 2003 'personal computer world' magasine who put sp1 on their free cd r.o.m. with magasine.

Dude if you have had XP as long as I have (full version) it came a s a special deal when I got this new PC in August/September 2001 then if you have just installed XP sp1/orsp1a you ought to stay intouch.


SP2 will be coming out in a few months also, we were told at the many different forum post's here a long time ago.

They said it was due out in the fall as they say in the USA or in UK Autum.

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