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Power supply calculator

I love it. It is actually the most accurate I've come across, but in their own words, useless. From their page:

The recommended total Power Supply Wattage gives you a general idea on what to look for BUT it is NOT a crucial factor in power supply selection! Total Amperage Available on the +12V Rail(s) is the most important, followed by the +5V amperage and then the +3.3V amperage. Example: PSU you want to buy has 400W total wattage output but only has 16A on +12V rail. But your configuration might require 20A on +12V rail.

So when will someone come up with a power supply amperage calculator?


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video cards are the ones that have high aperage requirements, and it says how much on the box (and on the manufacturer's site)... why would you need a calculator for that?

i think that warning is there so no one calcs their wattage and then ruins their system by buying one of those crappy psu that advertise high watts but have low real power

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