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Post Your Speed Screenshots


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as the title says, boast about your conection speed (or lack off)

mine is atached, this was @ skool with 500 users conected:p

i hardly managed to get the screenshot it was so quick:eek: i will post anougher when there are less users on:cool:


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also dont post a screenshot of the burst period before the download settles down:rolleyes: it must be over 25% downloaded + of a suitable size ( 1mb+ depending on conection speed)


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i'm intrested 2 see what speeds Geffy's getting as well cus he's on a similar conection, i can only use the conection 4 browsing though, all .exe,.mp3,.zip etc fi;es are filtered:mad: is a pain but means i get much faster browsing because bandwidth aint being taken up by downloads:cool:


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its too easy to cheat on those thingers :)

basically you dl a large file by clicking on it... say an mpeg... and it will dl and play...

after that right click and SAVE that same file... since it is already cached... BOOM... you get super duper speeds of dl... :) supposedly... even though this is not the case...
You can cheat very easily without anyone noticing it. It's like the MPEG caching. You click a file (say 30 MB) and the box pops up asking where to save it. Just ignore it and take a shower, or drink a cup of coffee or whatever. In the meantime IE is downloading it and saving it in a temp-folder and as soon as you pick a location to save it, IE downloads whatever that's left, and then copies it from the temp folder to the actual destination folder.
I do notice that IE doesn't cache the entire file, but only the first megabyte or two of it. But you can still use this trick to show off to your friends.


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i didn't cache or nuthin, it was a straight.exe download off a local server:p

ok the server was in the next room:eek:


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Bandwidth Place
1.6 megabits per second
Your raw speed was 1603935.28 bits per second which is the same as:


1.6 megabits per second
How communication devices are rated. Kilo means 1,000 and mega means 1,000,000. Examples include 56k modem and 10Mbit Ethernet


195.8 kilobytes per second
The way data is measured on your hard drive and how file sharing and FTP programs measure transfer speeds. Kilo is 1,024 and mega is 1,048,576.

1MB file download

5.2 seconds
The time it would take you to download a 1 megabyte file at this speed.


Compared to all connection types worldwide, yours is fantastic

i wanna try it out on C|NET bandwidth test as well a bit l8er on

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