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Post Your "My Documents" Folder!!!!


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kinda a random thread but could be intresting, do you have your files put in organised folders?, or do you have them strewn about? feel free to blur names of files/folders if you really want to ;) here's mine, very laid out so i can find it all :D



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Mine's just full of documents and 'web-saved' IE sites. Should really tidy it more often, but it's such a mess already, it's hard to force yourself to do so :)


Quazatron R6 droid
Oh I just let the My Documents folder handle itself by letting the default items stack up there but nothing else.. :)


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Evil Marge said:
No but when you hit "All Programs" there used to be that many on there that they disappeared off my screen :rolleyes: :D
You should get a 2nd monitor then. It spans out on to the 2nd screen. hehe.

Ded Morozh

I don't DISlike you...

here's mine.

i would just like to share that i have kept the same wallpaper/theme for over a month. i would have tossed it up on that thread but i had it in april. been running BB4Win and just started another deskjob... i have to say that i really do dislike being forced into explorer/IE because i get no multiple desktops, no right-click on ANYTHING! in explorer, no tabbed browsing, and to top it off who is doing IT has left the debugger on in IE and disallowed Internet Options. might as well make me run AOL, eh?


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