Post Your Mousemat!!


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:eek: i am getting too good at these random topics, i dont have a mousemat as i use the touchpad on my laptop :eek: but thought it could be an interesting thread :D


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Don't use one on the iBook, usually just use trackpad or mini-mouse straight on the table/surface I'm at.

Got a cheap ass red thing on the PowerMac though, only to prevent wearing the desk away :p

Excuse arse pic quality, was took on phone, couldn't be bothered to dig out digicam :p


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why are most people posting that they don't have one? it doesn't say "what's your mouse mat status?" :)

Here's mine, had it for a while now (which is why its so manky) its got a gel wrist rest which i can't live without any more. It does actually have a plastic thing that holds both the parts but I like them further apart.
I don't need the mouse mat part, cause its optical, but I hate the scraping noise on the desk :)



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GoNz0 said: very nice, not had to clean it so far :)
i use the steelworks where the guy makes them on his days off. only for optical mice.

I hope ya never drop that thing on yer foot. OUCH! :p

Looks great though. Now if only someone would make one out of a sheet of Carbon Fiber. Yeah! :eek: :D


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[/QUOTE]Looks great though. Now if only someone would make one out of a sheet of Carbon Fiber. Yeah! :eek: :D

I'm sure i can get the tech school kids to conjure some up at the base. how much you willing to pay for one?


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its thin steel folded on the edge and buffed till its smooth so no sharp edges under it is a cork base glued in, with an optional rubber high grip backing. so dead stable :D
so far about 250 have been sold, serial number on each.


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