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Possible OC failure


The Analog Kid
I was just doing some mild overclocking on my system:

AthlonXP 2600 Tbred 333mhz FSB
Generic PC3200 ram

I had been running it at 333 locked.

I was playing around this evening and bumped the RAM up to 400 FSB, but unfortunately, I think I forgot to ulock the 1:1 ratio when I saved.

Now The machine is dead. The HDD LED stays on when it tries to boot, no bios, no video signal, no system beep.

So what do we think blew? Could the CPU really have gone that quick with the FSB bumped up to 400 for just the second from the BIOS save to reboot?

I shorted the CMOS battery, and that didn't help, right now I have the battery sitting out of the mobo.

I'm looking for suggestions.
CPU's don't die from overclocking unless you run them hot for too long. I smell fried chipset. Or maybe the GPU if the AGP slot got overclcoked too. Pull the video card out and try a boot.

If no luck do the usual. Strip it down to minimum and try bringing it up a step at a time.

American Zombie

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Did you unplug the power supply when trying to clear the CMOS?

Unplug power, take out battery and put jumper in the clear CMOS position for about 10 minutes or longer.


The Analog Kid
Another update: I left the battery out, the PSU unplugged and the cmos jumper on short and went out for a bit. When I came home i plugged it in, put the battery in, and put the jumper back. I got a series of beeps (long). Which I believe should indicate that there was no ram in the system (there wasn't). I grabbed some ram and threw it in and now it's back to doing nothing, no beep, nothing.

I checked the ram in my roomates box and it's good.

In the meantime, I did buy a new Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe should this board go belly up.

The MSI board is unplugged, battery out, and shorted. Gonna give it another shot.


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This sort of thing happend to me. I tried to change my multi. on my CPU and after I restarted my screen would just stay black. So I took the cpu out and rebooted, and it told me a new CPU was detected and it loaded defualts. So Try taking the cpu out, and then putting it pack in after a dew seconds
Guess it's time for another update:

Got everything loaded with the new ASUS board. And so far I'm stable without a windows reinstall. Did reinstall all nforce drivers though.

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