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Possible IE problem


OSNN Junior Addict
Having solved defrag and tools options problem with help from you folks here I have a new problem. When I visit certain websites and click some links I used to get, I now get what seems to be like hitting the Home key and not the link. I contacted the sites manager and was told it may be due to not having Java enabled in my options/advanced settings. I do not see any java mentioned in my current advanced tab settings. I am running XP Home sp2 but thinking my fix earlier might have loaded sp1 options? Also should mention used sfc /scannow in one of the fixes. Can I or should I reinstall IE sp2 or is there another way to fix? Also note some advertising links do nothing as well. Thanks...dlk


OSNN Junior Addict
Great, problem corrected..Thank-you Trackrat for the link, it worked for me. and to Mastershakes..I did not have Java control panel in my control panel. Also, in the Java control panel I downloaded (Java 5) there is no browser tab unless I misunderstood your post. In the internet options/advanced tab there is now a coffee cup Icon where there was none before this fix. So far this forum is three for three (3 for 3) in helping fix my problems, great great great!

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