Poll: Gandalf The White vs. Yoda

Who would win?

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Poll Question:
After playing LoTR demo, the question was presented to me:

Who would win in a fight between Gandalf the White and Yoda? And reasons to support your choice.

This is based on the actual characters and not game related.

I'm going to have to go with Gandalf because of his Balrog battle and his battles with Saruman, in the later books.


benny, who's the 2nd dude that's going to fight? btw nice description of yoda :p

Tabula Rasa

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I thought the second dude is gendolf :confused: , well anyway i got nothing against that dude, i don't have nothing against yoda either, but he can piss me off with his pointless metaphors.

May the force be with you, for me to poop on :D


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gandalf.. as wonderful as he may be in the LOTR epic... is not going to be a match for yoda and his powers... gandalf the gray was whooped by saruman.... tables turn with the powers of gandalf the white but yoda packs a punch :)


F@H - Is it in you?
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of course... thats a given... goku ssj4 :) no contest... even superman's undies would not stand a chance...

power to destroy planets contained in a single finger? nothing more powerful than saiyans... specially goku... vegeta not far behind...

Perris Calderon

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no. no, no, you missunderstand the true nature of supermans powers, they are not finite, they are infinite.

supermans powers are as vast as a yellow, sun, and usually do not present themselfs untill dire emergency.

so, while the original question is answered by yoda, sazar, there is no creation by universe, or writer that can defeat the man if steele, goku whatever, not withstanding

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