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plugs on ATX PSU


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When I was adding my new PSU to my new mobo a few weeks, I plugged in the 10-pin ATX connector into the mobo as usual, and also that 4-pin ATX12V thing too, which was a seperate wire. There is however, another 4-pin connector that is part of the same wire that the 10-pin plug is on, infact when it arrived they were stuck together like a sort of '14-pin' plug. I had to click them into 2 before I could plug the 10-pin into my mobo. What the hell is this extra 4-pin plug for?


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If I am understanding you correct, you are referring to a 24-pin adapter, not 10 or 14. By counting 10, you are only counting 1 row, but in reality, it's 24. This is a new technology (not so new anymore) referred to as E-ATX, or Extended ATX. This was initially used on Server Motherboards, but has since crept its way into the Desktop Environment. As little as 6 months ago, these PSU's were hard to come by, but nowadays they are relatively standard. They usually come with 20 pins or 24 pins, with an adapter to go backwards/forwards. Example being a 20 pin comes with a 20to24 pin adapter, and vice versa.

I have attached a picture, just to make sure I understand you...

EDIT: Sorry, E-ATX is the motherboard standard, for PSU you would want to look for EPS12V

EDIT2: I have also posted a good article regarding details of the spec itself


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ray_gillespie said:
Ah yeah sorry, I don't know why I called it a 10-pin plug.
Thanks for the info, it's been bugging me for a while!
No problem :)

First time I got parts like that, I didn't have a 24 pin adapter and my mobo needed it. I had to overnight and have it delivered on a Saturday because Best Buy said it was too "cutting edge" to be carried by them :(

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