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[plug] ebay listings


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I might be interested in some of this stuff if you lived in US instead of UK .. probably cost me more to ship then I could just buy here for. :/


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I really hope you shift that lot - this could work out an expensive weakness! You could maybe consider if someone was prepared to swap the parts for a built machine plus some cash? No idea if you would find such a deal - but if you did it might be here... Then again perhaps you want a new machien with warranty and free from hassle more than anything else, I guess
weak in that i cant be bothered to keep trying, i have too much work to do to pox about trying to fix it.

that deal would be perfect, but as you already know, ive scoped a new pc, and just have to hope all the parts shift and make the money back.


where do you live hybrid?
coz take the bits to maplin electronics and they will put em together for yah for about 40£ Make sure you buy something from the shop for it also, that will help.

If you lived near me, I would do it for a postcard.
it just said 'major brand' when i bought it. its packed in the cupboard, ill check and get back to you.

ive already sold off a few of the parts to friends. im selling them because i dont want them. i want the computer ive seen, its perfect for what i need.

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