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Please Help!!


Boogie Nights...!
Im just about to format my whole system (many reasons) and i have a broadband connection with blueyonder. What do i need to do (if anything) to get that working again once XP is reinstalled?

many thanks

PS Quick reply please as im minutes away from doing the deed!


As long as youve got your modem, cable connection and installation sodtware (if it came with it), you should be alright. Make sure you note all your registration details, passwords etc before you erase it all!


As long as yoy have whatever hardware drivers you need,
once you have XP installed, all you need to do is to create a new connection through Start, Settings , Control Panel , Net Connections .....Create New connection........set-up a connection manually using broadband and have the user name and password your ISP requires and that should be it !

Grym ( and that's how it works for me ) blayd


Boogie Nights...!
Im back and i'm bad!

That was painless enough. Got my new Crucial 9700 Pro up and running as well....and guess what...as XP was installing my XP 2400+ turned up!! Great timing.

On a side note, i had to reactivate XP...wouldnt work online so had to ring up...the guy on the phone sounded VERY suspicious....tried to pretend that he 'happened' to be installing XP on his machine that night and kept asking me whether it played movies/songs/videos and whether i used Kazaa!! I couldnt believe it. He tried to sound casual but it was quite obvious what he wanted me to say: "yes i use kazaa"

to which he'd probably would have said "i aint activating xp for you Mr!"

Be warned.
You should have said: "Um, no I haven't used Kazaa. It's that file sharing program, right? Is it any good? Have you tried it?" :D

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