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PlayStation2 -> VGA monitor question

I am thinking of connecting my PS2 to my computer monitor and I have seen all kinds of VGA boxes around, for around 50 euros/dollars or about 30 pounds. But, will it work with a TFT monitor? Because TFT's have a fixed resolution, I think that may cause some sort of problem. Does anyone has experience with it?


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Interesting question, I've only ever use a VGA box with a Dreamcast to a CRT, works niiiiice :)

I think that the picture on a TFT would probably be a bit blurred, as the console will be outputting 640x480 which isn't going to be the TFT's optimal resolution (unless it's an old or smaller TFT :) )


I may actually be insane.
by smaller I meant 5 or 10"

If the 15" has a native resolution of 1024x768, then running something at 640x480 isn't going to look as crisp as something running at the native res. I think that the adapter will work (they claim to do so on the "features" list) I just don't think you're going to gain anything over using your PS2 through a TV set.


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it doesn't look as "good"...

I believe unless you drop your monitors res to the appropriate levels it will look funky... mine does unless I play i change the res...

of course I have an AIW so I have an RCA adaptor as one of my dongles that plugs in as my a/v in... :)

there are boxes out there... running for around 30-40 dollars that do the job...

or you can go all out and get this



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