Playing movies burned from PC to play on PS2

Ok, I was just curious.. I wanted to know if I can burn some of my movies on a CD and play them on a PS2?? Cause I have a movie my friend would like.. but he only has a ;) ( PC's rock! )

Anyways..PS2 can read DVD's so.. maybe I though it might be able to read like .mpeg's or something.. no??



In theory, yes you can. I don't have a PS2, but I did burn a vcd for someone I work with, and they never mentioned that it didn't work. Check the manual to make sure you don't need a specific type or brand of cd. I doubt it for a PS2, but some DVD players will only play CD-R and/or cetain brands.


I may actually be insane.

First up the PS2 will not read CD-r's
Secondly it has no decoder for reading mpegs or any other video file type.


I may actually be insane.
Its simply an anti-piracy method.
The PS2 is designed to play games, yet Sony took the obvious choice of including an MPEG-II decoder to allow the unit to play DVD movies aswell as the DVD game discs.

If you want to play movies in a PC based format, then you're best off playing them on a PC.


Originally posted by FoSsiL
can the u.s. ps2 play multi region dvd movies pal, jap, etc.
not without the mod chip. Like Speedy says, its more of a anti-piracy method. I still remember when the FFX came out months before it come out here in australia. Modchips were recently banned in Australia in july, but before that no problem. wierd i say. :eek:


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The UK PS2 will play DVD-R discs with a DVD movie on them even without the MOD chip. It will not how ever play PS2 games on DVD-R or any movies on CDR(as these will be VCD and no encoders have been installed for this) with out the MOD chip. I don't know about the US version but i would presume the same applies.

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