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plausible or not?


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Was just reading some tin foil had stuff, haha. It claims that windows can run application, such as secret logging etc, without you knowing it, but I'm sure it would be found out. i mean windows has been reverse engineered, hacked, and everything else

actually to go into detail, secret logging that would, on a network, send your activity to all the pcs on the network. So that everyone on your network would have a lot of your activity, and vice versa. Don' think this is true, just wondering if it was theoretically possible

I would think that, even if such activities were taking place, not to mention the actual transfer of the data, it would be noticed. This would require an application, and whether or not it would be hidden to the user, would be found by any analysis of a hdd.

Bottom line, is it possible for windows to hide such applications from the user without looking deep into the content of a hdd?

Just thought i'd see what you guys thought
Yes it can.

The hacker tool that does it is called a root kit. Sony released a windows root kit and the hidden programs to run with it to the public last year in a really warped atttempt at music CD copy protection. They have since recalled the cd's but thousands of computers now have root kits installed for any interested hacker to utilize.

Further, in addition to root kits there are dozens of commercially available programs out there that are installed on all business networks to spy on the employees activity. In addition, your spouse, child, or parent can install a hidden keylogger on your machine when you are not looking. You have to make a serious effort to find some of these keyloggers.

Feel exposed? Vulnerable? Welcome to computing in the 21rst century.

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