Pictures next to news stories?

I think that there should be pictures next to each story like on other sites like Neowin. Would this be a good idea or not? That is the question!


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We have them and some news posters, usually gonaads, use them... I don't.

When we first started using the Ekko theme all those lil pics looked terrible and needed to be cleaned up. They all had white edges.

Besides, I'm sure without them the front page loads quicker :p
I don't believe that it would be a good idea. It would clutter up the site and make it look bad. If you want pictures, follow the links for the news sites. :-D
lol, but i dont think its a good idea to use pics. it will make the frontpage cluttered and hard on the eyes, i leike the frontpage as it is now, very simple and bussines-like.


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I don't think the pics can do any harm, some articles look better with them or can grab attention, others are find just nice and plain, I think it's just up to the poster at the time :)


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I mix 'n match depending on the story and size. If the story needs some image for it to grab ya then I put one up, but some stories are a little large and an image is just too much. Usually the title is enough to show what is what. As for like little images for, say... "Download", "News Souce", etc... eh... not really needed. I think the link(s) speak(s) for itself/themselves.

Some stories have small enough images to go with the story to give it some flare, otherwise ya just go to the "news source" and see it there.
Well now we use Orbitz and this is a diffrent story now.
It's a really light colored theme and you said no to this because Ekko was a dark theme.


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it does take a long time 2 make an apropriate icon, then make it transparent so it looks great on both scins.
Ekko theme and front page graphics

well the icons are back and they look dog.
i checked em out on the orbitz theme and no problems at all.

i use ekko for 2 reasons, it doesnt lag my page when scrolling down fast, and i like dark backgrounds. is there a way to disable the graphics appearing on the main page when using this theme ? or is it time to dump the theme all together ?
only reason im asking, is it looks kak under that theme and i know this site prides itself on doing the job right 1st time ;)


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That's why I don't like using news icons ... they look like sh!t with Ekko. But we've been instructed to use news icons whenever possible