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PHP/mySQL seeing double??

I think my PHP/mySQL is drunk... It's seeing double. I can't use phpMyAdmin since any SQL request I do (remove data, insert data, edit data) in a form will be doubled when submitted. I also found this problem when I installed phpBB. I added the attachment mod in order to attach files. Then I tried it. I wrote a post and attached a file (somewhat different procedure to this forum). The file showed as two files. I pressed Preview to look at the post. The posted showed the file four times inline. I pressed Submit. The post now had eight (!!) attached files inline. There was however just one post.

It seems the problem occurs when information in a form is submitted and used with the database.

WTF is this? I've tried reinstalling PHP and mySQL using apt-get, but it doesn't help. :confused:

The machine is the server in my sig (Zoidberg):
PHP 4.2.2
mySQL 3.23.56
Apache 2.0.40

Help? :(
that would be PHP being drunk I think. The MySQL and apache should be OK, dunno how to fix it though, maybe a recompile of PHP?
I cant think of anything else, the only way you could mess with the MySQL if you had to would be to write the SQL yourself then get phpMyAdmin to run it
Redhat also has apt-get nowadays. It uses RPM:s instead of Debian packages. Since I need to mess with dependancies and all when I install RPM:s manually I don't want to do that. apt-get handles that by itself.

I tried to install mySQL 4.10 by RPM but it wanted some libs that I had no idea where to find...

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