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Photoshop 7 question...


the retarded one
just wondering, how do you stop images "snapping" to the edges when you move it near to it, i can't explain it very well, errr if i wanted to put text in the very corner i'd type it and then drag it towards the corner then when i get close to any side it "snaps" to it (microsoft word term, dunno if it's right...) that's the best explaining i can do at this late hour, i sound like a proper retard...anyone know what i'm talking about?


Use the arrow keys on your keyboard once you place it near the correct position.

With the arrows you can move the image with no snapping.
yep thats the easiest way, you can also put all the letters in different layers, but that is more work than pressing the spacebar


the retarded one
lol @ spacebar, what if i want the text closer together? when you change the text to vertical the space between the characters is a lot bigger, there's a way to make the space smaller...i'll find out...


the retarded one
ha! got it, you click in between the 2 characters and hold down the alt key then either press left or right arrow...spaceber, pff! amateurs! :p
the snap to thing is under View > Snap To
change it to none or untick which ever you dont want to use

the text thing, when you have the Text tool selected look at the text properties bar (at the top) and at the end of that there is a button, click that then change the horizontal spacing value
To change character spacing, look under the Window menu and check off 'Character'. That will give you access to all character options. The one you want is the field with the 'T' and the double headed arrow under it.

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