PerfectDisk Vs. Diskeeper

PerfectDisk Vs. Diskeeper

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They should all have Set & Forget settings, you just need to look more carefully at the options presented to you in the menu.
I need to check out O&O.
perris said:
now, for a couple of suggestions;

I would like the report to show an active directory when it displays fragmented files.

for instance, when the log represents "most fragmented files" I would like to click any one of those and have the file open, or the folder that the file is in to open.

then I can backup, delete, move or whatever a wayward file

the way the program works now, that information can't even be pasted

can do?

Hi Perris,

Thanks for the post.

We could do that however we've chosen not to in every release of the software. Essentially the issue is one of memory. When PerfectDisk defragments, we load every file and every fragment of every file into memory. Storing the information after compeletion in memory was deemed to be a waste of the system resources.

Trust me, you are not the first one to request this feature and it is reguarly one that i inquire about as well.

It is my position that as machines become more robust and include more and more memory capbilities, this feature should be added.

I suppose that the beta testers for the next release could really push for it and perphaps, convince the powers that be to include it.
perris said:
what ming is trying to say is that even if he sets pd to dumb up, and just defrag without file placement, the program still can't defrag 100% of the drive, and his diskeeper does.

this is true matter what I do, there are times pd will not give all of my drives contiguous

myself, I prefer the attention to the consolidated drive, and file placement over a few fragments, but there are those that want that report to say 0 in the fragmented file column

Hi Perris,

Well... not to get too technical about it... however... there is no way to defrag every file with the OS present. Some files simply cannot be moved with the OS having open handles to the files and these are ones that are done offline.

I am not here to debate the relative strengths or weaknesses of the various defrag softwares... however... if you really want to know who's doing what and how well, you'll need something that allows you to view the actual clusters on the volume and how they are arranged.

We have some tools available to assist in the evalaution of defrag software, should you be interested:
Does anybody know if the newest versions of PD and O&O have the "set it and forget it" options? ( No not the Ronco Showtime Rotisserie by Ron Popeil

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