PerfectDisk Vs. Diskeeper

PerfectDisk Vs. Diskeeper

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jan said:
I prefer diskeeper for 9x systems although it takes up a lot more space than PD and it is very proprietory.(Jus try uninstalling all of it.)

I prefer PD for xp though.Much smaller footprint and is much friendlier and I think more proficient.
/agrees 100% should email greg hayes to let him know our new address...he only stops by once every couple of months, and he's gonna think we're gone
Never thought perris was the spammer type... *shrugs* ahwell... :p
Anyway, I like PD over DK.
DK does the job for me, although I've never used Perfect Disk.
I use both. I do alot of audio editing which eats up massive amounts of diskspace. I use diskkeeper to to quickly throw back together the horribly fragmented files.

I use perfect disk for a more thorough defrag and to consolidate free space. I have found that perfect disk works better if you tweak what it belives is frequently accessed/never accessed, etc.
I am happy with PerfectDisk on my XP systems. Never any problem and PC Pitstop scores prove it an effective defragger. DiskState is also part of my disk maintenance arsenal. :cool:
I've used both, but prefer PerfectDisk 6 since it does a better and more thorough job (at least on my disk).
chaos, that program claims it defrags files real time...this sounds pretty darned interesting to me

cold you tell me the resource overhead of that?...including cpu cycles and memory

thanx in advance
That is Buzzsaw, I don't use it now but I used to. I defrag on a schedule using my Maintenance Routines (DIRMS built in) everyday, so I figure having Buzzsaw running in the background is just overkill. :D

For me Buzzsaw was about 3-4mb in the background running IDLE priority, it only uses cycles when the CPU is idle. Both DIRMS and Buzzsaw are very good defragmenters IMO.
I think I'm going to give Buzzsaw a shot...looks interesting.
buzz saw is pretty much worthless

I had my box sitting idle for about 3 hours and buzzsaw defragged all of 150 of the files it monitored, 1000 left to go

not at all worth the realtime memory consumption, though to be fair, I didn't notice any change in performance while it runs
If you have your drives completely defragmented using the algorithms Buzzsaw/DIRMS use I'll bet you'd see better results.

Just a thought, would be interesting to see if you notice a difference.
hhhhhmmm it could work in long term perris, it just needs to catch up. more of a preventor i think.
More FYI than anything this page file/Registry hive defragmenter is useful as well.

Another great tool from SysInternals.

See More...
Henyman said:
hhhhhmmm it could work in long term perris, it just needs to catch up. more of a preventor i think.
not really henyman, this program only defrags files that are downloaded while it's on.

so it would hardly ever catch up with itself.

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