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Pentium11 and WinXP



I am trying to set up an old P11 system, 128 ram, 233MHz, with XP Pro. The m/b is AL440LX, Phoenix bios ver 4.06 rev 3.09, Intel 440 family chipset. All is running fine except that comm ports (1,2) and printer port have exclamation mark in device manager (code 29-been to microsofts site to find code-not a lot of help) and the modem is not seen at all (pctel 56k micromodem, seen perfectly ok in another system with winxp). The question is what am I doing wrong-everything seems wired up ok, but I am fairly new to this so may have missed something obvious. Any suggestions would be welcome thanks. BTW I don't really feel up to flashing/upgrading bios unless all else fails. This might be a stupid question but could the problem with the ports be affecting whether the modem is seen?


amd 500 k6

Without the cpu power you are going to struggle!!!:mad:

I have several pcs ranging from p120+amd athlon 2200+?

mid range pcs struggle cos the xp specs!!

I put xp on a 266mmx and it was slow:D
But it would play faster rendering games:eek:
With a standard 8 meg card.

My advice get a bigger sys?

sys specs!

top asus mobo
1 gig ddr ram
mighty ge force ti vid
2 120 gig hdd
on raid
combo cdr-cd writer

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