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Dabba Dooba
Political User

So a buddy wants me to put a Mac OS on XP. So I plan on using pearpc and doing it that way. The only real reason he wants it is because of the garage band program. Yes he knows about alternatives but he doesn't like any of them. So my question is will Garage Band work while the Mac OS is being emulated? I read that not all things work. I don't know anything about Mac so i would have no idea what so ever lol.

Edit: Actually what is the best program to use when doing this? I just seen pearpc is kinda old :|


The Analog Kid
There are a lot of Windows programs that will at least match Logic. Or you could try an old version of Logic when it was multi-platform... (GarageBand is "Logic-light"). Reaper might be a good place to start.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
Yeah but would it have sound? Last i knew they didn't or it was just pearpc.

I tried the hackintosh on a latitude e6400 and i installed it but it freezes at the boot screen with the apple in the middle.

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