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PC to Laptop


The One and Only
I just got a new laptop on friday. I want to transfer some files from my PC to the laptop using the network cable i use for my Cable Modem. Well, before i even ask, Is that even possible using the network cable, or do i need a certain kind of network cable to do that? And if i can do it with the cable modem's network cable, what is the easiest way to configure the two to be able to share the files?
you won't manage it with a standard network cable, you need a crossover cable to connect two machines directly.

Do you a a burner in the pc? is so might be easier to just burn the files and copy on to laptop.


The One and Only
that's just the thing. right now my CD burner is on the fritz. if you go into the general Hardware forums or search for it, the thread i made titled "CD burner problem. Need help" describes the problem.
Use a crossover cable to connect the two boxes together, then assign static IP addresses to each one, and they should be able to communicate. Just map the drives, and you're set. :)


The One and Only
n/m, i figured out why my CD-RW drive didn't work. If you wanna see how much of an idiot i feel like i've made myself, go check the thread i told you about in the last post.

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