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the retarded one
the time on my comp keeps getting faster, after about 24 hours it will have gained 2 minutes from somewhere and it's a pig having to change it back all the time, any ideas what could be wrong?


the retarded one
lol, no all of my other clocks are ok, right, where do i get one of them cmos batteries from? i don't think i should be allowed on computers! =\


The One and Only
yep, what theKore said. and if u can't find the only shiny button battery that is on the motherboard, then....... well.......... maybe your comment is right. :confused:


the retarded one
lol, yeah i know what it is, i just wondered if it was different to other batteries of that size...anyway, i'll see what happens, thanks.

P.S if i never make it back to this forum then you know i took the wrong thing out =P
I don't think changing batteries will help. Computer clocks drift, some pretty badly. I suggest you set XP to use the time update service to self-correct the time over the net once a week.


the retarded one
yeah it didn't used to, but since i had this motherboard it has, so i'll try the battery thing...it's set to synchronize anyway

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