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OWA Root Certificate issues


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Not sure if this is in the right place... this feels like it is, but if it isn't mod please just move it. :)

Strange issue that I am trying to work past. There are two sites that I use to access Outlook Web Access, both for Exchange 2003. I've imported the certificate automatically... but it still always asks me. Same goes for Trusted Publishers, as well as the Trusted Root Certificate Authority... but it still always asks me if I want to continue when I go to the website.

What am I doing wrong? Is it possible that there is something wrong with the certificate itself, and if so how can I fix it (I also work on the systems). I don't know anything about certificates, so if someone could help me with here to go to even start with that for when users access the OWA that'd be great... maybe it'd help me understand a bit more as to what's going on. Maybe I can even knock out two birds with one stone on this one...



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Do not import using automatic placement. Make sure you select which store you want the certificate to import into. Verify that it is within that store after you complete the import.

You only need to import the root certificate and any certificate in the chain, but there is no need to import the server certificate.


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I think I have figured it out. The problem I was having was when I was trying to install the certificate, instead of doing the cert at the root of the tree, I was doing one of the sub-root... certificate... thingies. I double clicked on the root certificate this time and installed that, it appears it has worked.

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