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Over-Intrusive Web Ads


MS-DOS 2.0
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Go to weather.com sometime. They have the *worst* ads, perhaps only rivaled by M$N and salon.com's forced ad (although you get a free day pass that you can do every day to avoid paying for premium services :p).

They're advertising for that stupid Incredible Hulk movie and not only do they shove it down your throat like the rest of their ads (DHTML / "Rich Media" ads), but it has loud sound (blasting over my CD playing) and literally shakes the entire window (thank you, M$, for yet another useless feature, but still refuses to natively support PNG transparency).

I will now refuse to watch that film (although I had no intention of ever watching it). But that poses a question. How many of you are actually influenced by these stupid ads...and how many of you will actually stay away from a product or service *because of* its ad?



MS-DOS 2.0
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No, not a pop-up window. It must do something with layers / DHTML, because it literally comes out of the middle of nowhere and runs amok on the screen. I'm sure you've seen them before. It's a fascinating technology, but it always seems as if there is no real use for it, except to increasingly annoy and piss people off.

To advertisers: I don't want to buy your crap!

I know the adverts you are on about. Some of the buggers dont have an obvious close button either. Puts me off whatever they are trying to sell!


I may actually be insane.
I've just visited it in *cringe* Internet Explorer and all I get is a pop-up.
Of course in Mozilla, I get nothing.


I'm sorry Hal...
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I use explorer with a popup stopper and it doesn't seem to appear. but i know the ones you mean, very annoying. Used to be ones on the Virgin site (the company not...aything else:)) that couldn't be closed, so i stopped going to that site

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