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Over Clock Your Ti! (calculator)


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i think i read this a few months ago.
i cant imagine doing anything that is so complex that you would need to overclock a calculator...


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so i can get the answer before other people in my class and yell it out to the teacher :p wow ahmed you are so fast, *Evil Laugh*


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gonaads said:
Because, you can. Why do we tweek a perfectly good working computer, or a car, etc...

Because we can. :p
and some people will come back on this and say - "Because they have nothing better to do!"

Whatever floats your boat though - it is harmless pretty much, but I think anything that becomes obsessional should be kept in check and with th eway processors can handle things and continue to obey Moores Law O/Cing is nto something that is really done for a practical payback anymore - it is somewhat akin to "showing off" these days, whereas in the past on a budget you really NEEDED to wring out every last CPU cycle you could get your machine to deliver to you - also then chips had wider tolerances and greater potential for overclocking , perhaps...?


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Some, will have something better to do, but you still can. :D

But yeah, way back when we did it for need. Now we do it for fun and some for "oneupmanship". :p If it's not overly ridiculous, it's still fun.

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