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Outlook Problem


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Ok here is the deal, I have been running outlook as my business email client for a long time now. But recently I have noticed that new messages are not downloading right. The message hearders are downloading but not the message body. This is becoming very frustrating as there is considerable delay time from selecting the next message and waiting for it to download the message body.

Now i haven't changed any settings and am really not sure where to look or how to correct the problem. Any ideas?


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Which version of Outlook do you have btw?
Have you tried looking at Tools>Options>mail setup.. Edit send/receive settings?
There you can choose to receive Headers only, or to download everything including attachments.


The Voices Talk to Me
sorry, it is Outlook 2002 10.6515.6714 with SP3 I can't find anything that I can set to download everything. But this is a new deal, it didn't used to do this


I'm sorry Hal...
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It might be somewhere like tools->send and receive ->settings->define send and receive groups. In there (edit the main group). In there there is a list of all accounts and options to download headers only. check these, I know you didn't change anything, but its best to check the obvious first


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I also have outlook problems with my laptop - I believe it behaves in the same manner as you describe (although that is not a problem to me, my problem is more seeing all messages from my server - only getting some!).

Anyway, in my case is Outlook 2000, but I believe reson for behaviour is I have set Outlook to prompt me if connected/connecting to server, or allow working offline. just wondering if you have set that option on outlook startup and maybe worth experimenting there (just a maybe, but since I see same behaviour)?

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