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Outlook 2003 (Unicode) -> Outlook XP (ANSI)

OK, I am going to reinstall my machine this weekend, one of the things I will be replacing is an illegal copy of Office 2003 for a legal copy of Office XP. I have used Office 2003 a lot, especially Outlook. Now you can use the export/import feature in XP and 2003, but there is a difference between these two types of Personal Folders files, according to MS Knowledge base article 839109, Office 2003 .pst files are stored in Unicode, while XP .pst files are based on ANSI. Now, you there is a guide on that same page, telling you how to convert the Unicode to ANSI by creating a new Personal folder based on ANSI storage and copying all items to that Personal Folder. But there is also a note on that same page, which explains that it is not possible to convert emails with Unicode characters in it to the ANSI format. But how can I check that? Also, is there a way to convert a Unicode email to ANSI email?


Why are you using an illegal copy of office 2003 anyways?

Thanks for making legal payers and users like me pay more (that was sarcasm btw).
Because I was curious about how it looked and what it does. Basically I wanted to use it as a sort of trial version, to test it out for two weeks and buy it if I liked it or reinstall Office XP when I didn't like it. Well, I liked it, I forgot completely about this, so it's been running since at least the beginning of this year.
I am sorry legal payers and users like Lee, spank me if you will :p

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