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Outlook 2000 help

In Outlook Express there is a "TO RULE" when recieveing E-Mail. I would like to convert over to Outlook 2000 but am not able to find this rule in the mail rule. Here Is the problem. I have my own DOMAIN with a wildcard to it (anything@myemailadress.com). My email is forwarded to my isp's email. I am starting to recieve spam. With the TO RULE in express i can filter out that spam and not disturbing the few email addresses i do use. I can not find this rule in outlook 2000 and the bits i do find there only allow me to set it up useing only one of my email address. Is there anyone famlier to useing mail rules in outlook 2000? By the way the TO RULE im am talking about when I exported to outlook 2000 does not export, it says it does but the rule is not working.


its a lil different, in outlook, click on the organize button, its a yellow box on the tool bar... you select which folder you want it to go to.


Have you tried the Rules Wizard? It allows you to configure rules using allot of different options.

Select your inbox. The rules are contextual. They only work for the floder you create them in.

Open the Rules using the yellow blocked icon. There are canned rules here to try to make things easy, but they aren't very powerful.

Select rules wizzard, and work out a custom rule. Your description of the "To Rule" isn't specific enough for me to figure out exactly what your trying to do, but I am sure that there is something that can be worked out using the options that are available.

Good luck ! :p

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