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Yesterday my [SIZE=-1]fiancée and I went to the Detroit science center where they have the Our body Exhibit. It was the most fascinating display of science I have ever seen. I r[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]ecommend everyone see this. its a little creepy at first when you realize those were real people up there...but then you are in awe of how they could pull off such medical wonders.
the link below is the site. it list future exhibits


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theres an edit in jewelzz reply required somewhere - funny typo :p - site looks interesting though
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right... theres one in buenos aires right now... called "bodies"

havent got a chance to check it, but looks cool


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It's the latest fad after the huge success of BodyWorlds.

But yeah, these type of exhibits are fantastic :D

My favorite part was in this dark room where they had the different stages of the development of a fetus. Too cool to see it grow from less than a centimeter into a full grown baby.


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My daughter and I went to a similar one in Dallas in February, I was awesome and worth every penny to see
I can't believe my wife and I missed that -- Body Worlds, right? We saw it in the newest James Bond movie and thought it looked amazing.

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