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osx screen savers! I WANT


High On Life!
ok the new osx screen savers are too amazing, they can't be beat, i was wondering if anyone knows where to get them or if anyone can make them for windows, the one i like the most is the flurry one.

thanks in advance


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
there was a link for the flurry screensaver right here at OSNN - posted by Speedy, so that should help you run an advanced search and find it....


High On Life!
prodj88, the second flurry one is MUCH BETTER, it actually looks like the real one. the first one isnt as great
Wow that's great. It rivals even the uber cool, uber l337 Matrix screen saver from uselesscreations.com :D

This will do nicely! I wonder how well it runs with a 2d card though. I remembered when I tried running the Matrix screen on my laptop with its 8mb video, it nearly choked..


High On Life!
the nogalistic works fine on my laptop at 640x480, goes slow if i try to use it at the resolution i am at now 1400x1050, but also the flurry was working fine, now it just loads a black screen, so im using nogalistic for now until i get my pc up again


New version of that screensaver was released. Windows, new version is at this site.

Some minor details:

Build 4 ( 02/13/05
- Fixes errors when reading from registry if the keys don't exist
- Removed deprecated function calls
- Added new About Box

Known bugs:
- Hitting Test too many times triggers bad behavior on my NVidia card.
- Double buffering and multimon interact poorly (slow flip).
- The screen saver config applet might crash on ATI cards, though the screen saver should function fine if invoked standalone (/c or /s).

Note that other problems reported by users with Radeon cards seem to go away when using the newest Catalyst drivers.

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