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17 Jun 2003
I wonder how many replies/views this thread will accumulate. :p

Admin, what's up with the clock in this forum? All my clocks at home are saying 22.40, but OSNN says 21.40 (GMT+1).
yes... i've tried all 3 settings.. auto, always on, always off.
Always off puts the time back 1 hr. Like now it's 10pm say, the clock with DST on would say 9pm. and DST off would say 8pm.
He's right. The clock seems to be an hour slow, regardless of settings.
Is this prob only occuring for those using GMT time?
i told punk about it yesterday, biut he had bigger problems ;) :p
PHP 4.3.6 RC2 out
In the spirit of release early, release often here is the first and hopefully the final release candidate of PHP 4.3.6. This release addresses 2 major bugs introduced in the 4.3.5 release. One of these bugs caused problems when loading dynamic extensions on Windows and thread-safe (ZTS) builds and the other involves incorrect handling of daylight savings time. A few other minor bugs were fixed as well.

Might have something to do with it, but I am not sure that this is something that 4.35 broke... either way I will still take a look tonight ;p
4.3.5 indeed broke it.

We will have to wait for 4.3.6 to become mainstream before we upgrade. For now youll just have to handle time that is an hour off :p
Cool, as long as the problem's been pin-pointed :)
coo, just spent 15 minutes messing with settings to get the right time. Now I know why my server is off, my website, and the 14 other forums I go to as well. Great, now I'm gonna have to fix them later.

Oh yea, and add the FAVICON back ;)
Lee: Time will be fixed once we are assured the next release of PHP is stable
j79zlr: Yeah, we need a new one
I have a feeling that this problem will be resolved just in time for us Brits to move back into GMT in October. hehe ;)

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