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OSNN time?


OSNN Advanced
I wonder how many replies/views this thread will accumulate. :p

Admin, what's up with the clock in this forum? All my clocks at home are saying 22.40, but OSNN says 21.40 (GMT+1).


OSNN Advanced
yes... i've tried all 3 settings.. auto, always on, always off.
Always off puts the time back 1 hr. Like now it's 10pm say, the clock with DST on would say 9pm. and DST off would say 8pm.

Electronic Punk

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PHP 4.3.6 RC2 out
In the spirit of release early, release often here is the first and hopefully the final release candidate of PHP 4.3.6. This release addresses 2 major bugs introduced in the 4.3.5 release. One of these bugs caused problems when loading dynamic extensions on Windows and thread-safe (ZTS) builds and the other involves incorrect handling of daylight savings time. A few other minor bugs were fixed as well.

Might have something to do with it, but I am not sure that this is something that 4.35 broke... either way I will still take a look tonight ;p


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4.3.5 indeed broke it.

We will have to wait for 4.3.6 to become mainstream before we upgrade. For now youll just have to handle time that is an hour off :p


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coo, just spent 15 minutes messing with settings to get the right time. Now I know why my server is off, my website, and the 14 other forums I go to as well. Great, now I'm gonna have to fix them later.

Oh yea, and add the FAVICON back ;)

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