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Wasen't sure where to ask this.....you know those cool rectangal icons, used for links to websites, the website logo....

what is ours? where can I find it

these kind of icons...
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This is kinda off topic, but I was thinking the whole site needs a redesign. I was screwing around with max the other day and decided to create a real sphere with caustics (like the OSNN logo). This is what I made, I think it looks more modern and cool looking :cool:

I might play with it more to get a more realistic glass effect if people like it... or I could just be wasting time at work because I dont want to work :lick:



Beware the G-Man
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An old MS Windows flag wallpaper I turned on it's side.

Me thinks flat one looks better. Shows more detail.


Beware the G-Man
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Well since Vista is the hot item right now it could be used as a backdrop. Plus we have since day one been geared toward Windows even though we catter to all OS configurations. And, and since now you can run Windows on a Mac___. :D

Plus, I just liked the pretty colours. :p We need something with colour, life. Something that will stand out without being too overpowering.


Beware the G-Man
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We should make up some background pieces and see what the multitude thinks. Then if EP likes the text can be added after, once the correct font is decided on.

Or EP could tell us to go spit. :s


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Aprox..nice work on that logo...looks sweet..
Thanks! I know its kinda silly, but I was bored and I love this site so I figured I would try to modernize the look a bit. :)

I will probably tweak it a bit when I get a chance. Hey, maybe if we keep this up we can convince EP to let us redesign the site or something. Give it a unique look or something. :)

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