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2 Feb 2003
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If you use a NAT router and a software firewall please vote for your software firewall.
Zone alarm Pro, despite Enyo moaning ;)
DanceAnthems said:
Outpost Pro is by far the BEST!!

Version 2 at least, version 1 was not half as good.

Ive been saying it for a long time here (but of course if you were not a member before you wouldn't know it)

Nice to have another Outpost fan around :)
Sygate Pro, very happy with it and have had no problems with the latest version. :)
Kerio Personal Firewall. Working great, but my Sitecom hardware firewall built in my router stops most attacks.
This Security section made me switch back in the days of kerio 2.1.2
Now using kerio 4.0.10 hitch free :)
i've been using norton for the past year and it's been awesome, better than the others i've tried.
Personally I don't like software firewalls, so I'm using a LinkSys NAT Router :D
I use Outpost 2.0, and sit behind a Netgear NAT/(SPI)FW/Router.
I guess i'm paranoid :)
so far I've tried kpf, sygate pro, and outpost pro. I'm sticking with Sygate pro for now. It had a lighter footprint than outpost 2 for me and imo better security than kpf (better than 2.1.5, perhaps the same as 4x but more stable)
Using Kerio's Personal Firewall 2.15 for now, until I get a good NAT Router (Which I will be very soon).
I have to say Nortan, pretty much only because its the only one I have used. I like it and so im not trying any others.
I use Sygate. It does what it's supposed to. All my fires are walled, I guess.

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