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Opinion needed


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Hi guys,
I'm gonna get a new mobo/cpu/ram bundle from Komplett, I was looking at this one: http://www.komplett.co.uk/k/ki.asp?sku=111924&cks=PRL
Can anyone give me any feedback regarding what they think of it? Also, I'm going to get a case and a PSU, can anyone make any recommendations for something moderately priced? Will I need anything else? I'm going to use my existing HD/graphics card etc.

EDIT: Will this PSU http://www.komplett.co.uk/k/ki.asp?sku=307838&cks=PRL have enough current on the 12V rail? I don't understand this stuff very much but I read that it should be at least 18A. How can I tell?

Thanks! Reps as usual for helpful posts. :)
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this picture shows corsair ram, but the specs say twinmos ram. Never heard of that. also never used an epox motherboard. I usually use abit- asus- or gigabit. I dunno what the translation to dollars is, but i would probably get something different, because i never heard of the ram or used that motherboard brand. But just my opinion.


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I'm not going to o/c it or anything, I'm more concerned about the PSU, I think it should be sufficient but I just want confirmation with someone. What about the case, does that look ok?
Avoid that power supply. It doesn't even have current ratings under the show spec link. If they were proud of it they'd show it off.

See if you can find a price on the Antec truepower 400W or higher. I don't know UK sources or prices.

EPOX is an ok brand. Stable no frills boards.

I've heard of twinmos, it's ok but I'd go for the Crucial for a 64 bit system.

I would not give up the 1024 ram for a 3500 vs a 3200 CPU. cpu won't show a difference the extra ram will. ESPECIALLY since 2 sticks gives you dual channel.


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I'm going to go for the 3500+ with the 512 crucial RAM and get some more RAM in a couple of weeks when I have some more money. Thanks for all the help guys, I'll send out reps in a second.

EDIT: I've added reps to everyone, but it wouldn't let me add any more to LeeJend, it says I must wait for a while or something, I must have given you reps for something else recently. I'll try again later.
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