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Opening "my computer" just shows Torch scanning


hi, at a freinds today, and they had a problem opening my computer on winxpsp2

scanned with adaware SE 1.05, Spybot S&D 1.3, CWshredder 2, NOD32, Mcafee, Fprot, Regcleaner, Regcompact...... all updated, found few small problems.. but even after scanning and repairing with them, whenever i opened my computer i got an error "explorer has encountered an error and will now be closed.. etc etc.." so i clicked on details and it showed something about a mod called "customie32"

none of these virus scanners or spyware tools found thgis, which i thought was very strange..

anyway i did a search for CustomIE
up popped customIE32.dll in system32..

i rebooted too safe mode and deleted it..

now when i click on my computer, it at least opens, but just shows the torch searching for items...

wondering if anyone has come across this before? thought id ask here before i proced too format and reinstal his machine..

thanks for any help

kC :confused:

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Doing a repair instead of a format should fix it. All that is probably needed is that file. See if you can find it on the XP disk & put it back in system32.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Seems it ain't a system file. I ain't got it either.....after doing a search.

Have a look in Windows Explorer/tools/folder options/file types.

Look at 'folder' near the top. Click advanced. Does it have 'explore' & 'open' in there??

Select 'explore' as default if you need to that is.


yep that all seems normal..
on this guys PC if i type c:/ or any path, it instantly goes too them no probs..
just "my computer" it cannot view


will format the box i think on monday, cant be bothered messing around, was lookuing for a solution..its their fault for probably brwosing crap sites..
cheers anyway

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