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Opening a program


Computer Genius
for Outlook, that's normal. if you close it while it's writing to your PST file, it will stay open to finish what it was doing. it will close eventually.

i've never heard of Kali, so i can't explain that one.


Sick of it all.
well, I hate to say it, but it could POSSIBLY be some kind of virus, they're often disguised to look like something that's relatively standard in any windows tskmngr...try going here : http://www.answersthatwork.com/ they have a pretty good "task list", and it sometimes has an explanation what more than one instance of a proccess can be. dunno if this'll help, but good luck.


Sick of it all.
np, just a stab in the dark really. hope you get it worked out. also hope I'm wrong about the poss. of it being a virus. anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about svchost, it's actually a host proccess for applications that run from dll's, so it's pretty normal to have more than one of them. what I mean you should look for is something like this..(very generic example)

outlook.exe - spelled right
0utl00k.exe - spelled with zeros

at a glance you may not think anything of it, but subtle differences in files names are a common trick by the creators of viri to keep them hidden.

good luck.
Nope they are all the same "Outlook" . I can close them all them down, but once I open "Outlook" back up with my task manager open all 3 of them show up in tm.
If you end the process, does it reappear or appear to do nothing? If so, it may be running a service.

Start->Run-> 'services.msc' (no quotes) and hit Enter. Eyeball the services, and google any suspicious looking ones. Hope this helps.

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