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Open Gl Need Help!!!!!!!!!!




Trident video accelerator blade 3d/promedia

and i need open gl, where can i get these derivers, post here if u know, thx o and i hav xp can sumbody plzzzzzz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!


can any body pleazzzzzzzzzzzzeee help meee!!! im try 2 play SOF and i gotta open a gl and i hav that video card i need 2 update it can sumbody help me


I may actually be insane.
When I came here this morning, there were three responses to this thread and none to the others which you posted (which I have now closed) it is also blatantly in the forum guidelines to which you agreed to follow upon joining here to not post multiple topics on the same subject.


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Originally posted by dsosolja
its the only way people respond here
that is not true... :)

people will respond if they have information... if one does not know... what is the point in responding ?

just please do not double post in the future... and if you do... let us know so we can merge the threads or close one of them...


im sorry guys im just really desperate 2 play dis dam game n it still dosent work none of those cards open the GL can u tell me wat else 2 do?
That card is over 4 years old. It does have a Windows 2k driver, but they do not always work with XP. I think it's time for an upgrade bud. That card only has 2-8MB (depending on which one you have). That is barely enough to run any game. Good luck!

BTW.. I did check the specs, and it DOES support OpenGL. But, like I said, no guarantee on the driver working in XP.


damm is there any thing else i can do without having 2 spend money 2 play this game even if the graphics r crappy


I may actually be insane.
As Un4gIvEn1 says the card does support OpenGL but there are only Windows 2000 drivers, so you can try those with Windows XP, but if they don't work then probably the only way is to use Windows 2000 or earlier.


I may actually be insane.
Download the file to your computer, to the desktop for example.
Once the download has completed then double click the file, let it do what it has to, if it asks to reboot, do so.
Of course they may not work as already posted in this thread, there are only Windows 2000 drivers available and not official Windows XP ones.


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i d/l the open gl, only to find out that it DOESN'T support xp. They intend to make one, but date is unknown.


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