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Once again port scans because of ads here

I am to the point of leaving here for good (not that anyone cares anyway)
If I block this once then I don't get scanned and my firewall won't block all connections necessitating creating new rules over again just to enable my browser to work again. If I block this permanently then I get port scanned and firewall blocks all access to all sites

This pops up repeatedly if I only block once:

Here's what happens when I block permanently:

I don't mind clicking googleads once in a while but I don't want to have to allow this - and also if I don't allow burstnet then browsing this board is unbearably slow -also, I'm getting a lot of bad cookies (according to spybot) from what seems this site's ads.
When I reload this page protowall blocks this (but not every time it's an intermittent occurance - sneaky bastards!
Packet to "GainCME-Gator/Claria Corp[Spy]" ( ) blocked. [protocol: TCP - src: 2104 / dst: 80]


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I get the same, dont feel that you're the only one....i have outpost also, the ad-blocker goes into overtime..blocks a lot of crap...esp "burstnet"

scans are a bit much
hmm, I don't have adblock in outpost enabled - maybe that will help.

edit - here's another one that adblock is missing. It took a whole minute plus just to post this

Packet to "ads" ( ) blocked. [protocol: TCP - src: 3079 / dst: 80]


I'm sorry Hal...
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I use outpost and its never, ever come up with any portscan problems from this site. I block some ads, not all, so maybe thats the problem? could try turning it on.

Also your the only one to report this problem, which is probably why it remains an issue. Has anyone else been ports canned alot from the ads? speak now people!

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Problem is Khayman, the adverts here in the UK are not the same as the ones Lynchknot gets (unless he is in the uk :s) - which not only means that I can't replicate and therefore easily fix the problem, but I can't know when it is fixed.

If you do block the ads on the frontpage is it slow?
I ask because on the frontpage all adverts load in an iframe, on the forums (for reasons I can't remember, they don't and are coded in directly.

Give it a try and let me know. As for the bad cookies, they are purely marked as "bad" by spyware scanners as they are cookies from advertisers, they do not have any adverse effects.
It seems to be limited to this ad url. If I block once then it repeatedly pops up. If I use Outposts "close rule" (permanent) then I get the port scan. I have not seen it pop up today yet. I ran IP and it seem like it's "adknowledge" PTR record: adk215-29.adknowledge.com. [TTL 3600s] [A=None] *ERROR* A record does not point back to original IP.


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I would like a log of these port scans. That printscreen shot you are showing there is showing that Firefox wants to make an outgoing connection to port 8000, which could be perfectly normal, if the remote server has a server running on that port.

I block ads ALL the time, but get no port scans at all, no problems at all. I even block the adknowledge ones.
I've noticed similar 'quirks' as well with the ads.
(as a side note, I find it a little ironic that a 'help' site displays ads to software that's loaded with spyware...good thing people here know how to help someone clean a system :p )
j79zlr - that seems to have solved the problem with slow loading - thanks. Blocking through firewall or IP blocker somehow slowed the process to a crawl.

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