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onboard sound

Does anyone know what % of performace you will gain/lose with having onboard sound enabled/disabled in bios?
In other words, will i see a gain in performace if i buy a sound card and disable my onboard sound?

and repeat the same question for onboard NIC's (as im thinking about replacing both with PCI cards)

cpu 3.2 800fsb
1 gig ram pc 3200

thanks in advance
With a computer like that, any performance gained will be so marginal that you won't even notice it. Yeah, you'll probably gain a teeny amount of performance. The only thing you'll gain out of a soundcard rather than onboard sound is better sound quality. If you're a big music listener, or if you like EAX etc. in games, do yourself a favor and get yourself a soundcard. I doubt you'll gain absolutely anything by replacing onboard NICs with PCI cards.
Replacing an onboard NIC may even lower the performance since you'd connect it through the PCI bus instead of directly through the chipset (unless the chipset uses the PCI bus for the onboard NIC as well).


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you will likely get lowered cpu utilization vis-a-vis discrete sound card v/s integrated...

generally this translates into (theoretically) a better performance... but I have not seen a boost ;)

generally, you simply get better sound quality, and the fact you have a discrete product, if its fubar, you simply replace it rather than the whole system...
Depedns what your onboard sound is.

if its an nforce 2 with soundstorm then you wont make a difference, if its not then you'll probably get better soudnd by plugging in an audigy1/2
celticfan11 said:
i disabled sound and nic in bios... ran 3d mark... gained NOTHING .... :)
That's no surprise since 3DMark doesn't use the sound card in benchmark mode. ;)

Not that you'd see a difference anway probably.

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