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Oh..where's my video card ?

I had 1 AGP and 1 PCI installed and all was working well until this morning when I disconnected my dvi connector to change my furniture.Then, only the PCI started and the AGP was missing.Not detected by XP.Reinstalled the drivers a few times , same thing happened.
AGP -Nvidia 7500 LE
PCI - Nvidia GeForce.Now the driver only recognised the PCI ...what should I do ?:nervous:


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hi Punky,

Open the case and remove the PCI card. Reboot the machine with the monitor hooked up to the AGP. Then shut down and reinstall the PCI. Reboot. XP is just thinking that the PCI card is the default monitor.

Yep !! The PCI is set to start first.I got it configured and set to ' AGP ' yet it didn't work and..now it's back to normal.What happened was after all these trouble , I updated to the latest driver ( ver 7.7 ) but that screwed it up.I revised back to older version ( 6.6 ) and is working fine now.Thanks mate for all ye help !!
I refer to my last post yesterday stating that I've figured it out.
But then, this morning when I started my PC it happened again.I switch to another agp card it worked well but when I switched again to the previous one it couldn't be figured out.A question: is it a sign of the video card going ?? I bought it about a year ago.Nvidia Ge Force 5700LE.I love this one because it has a dvi connector.Any says ??


Overclocked Like A Mother
If it works alone in the machine then it is not your card. Usually a video card that is showing signs of dying usually appears as artifacts onscreen. I think that your situation is more derived from unstable drivers.

What's next ? Should I try to uninstall the driver and re install again ? As I had mentioned in my earlier post their latest driver didn't work.

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