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Oh Howard Stern!!

Perris Calderon

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when I first listened to him his first year in new york on a.m. radio, he was an annoying little twit.

I avoided his broadcasts.

later, when a couple of my friends started writing for him and appearing in his broadcast, I started listening...he was finding a "voice" and becoming quite fast on his feat...I started to enjoy his style, his wit andhis intelligence...I still thought he should stay away from the "shock" and use more of his personality.

now, here he is, breaking political ground, and I am ever impressed with him and what he plans to do so to make a point few others would dare risk

Howard stern has decided to forsake any future contracts on open air, and he's going to be broadcasting for satellite

this is a statement on his behalf...he is trying to take the power away for the Conservative media conglomerates like "clear channel" (the most dangerous entity in American politics)



- geek -
Should be good stuff. I'm happy I got till 1/1/06 to get all the new hardware that will be better then it is now for sure. :)

Perris Calderon

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it really is great news, politically as well;

ever since the fairness doctine was rescinded, plus ever since single entities have been allowed to own an unfair share of media in the same market, the wealthy and corporate America have been able to amass power in media beyond contro

hopefully, this will be the new beginning to a fair and ballanced media source...there are hardly any left

*crosses fingers


Dabba Dooba
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Yeah!!!!! Howard Stern!!! I loved his movie Privates Parts. He kinda reminds me of a dirtier version of Weird Al lol.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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well I'm going be sad I won't be able to hear but I like watching the show better...

like tonite and I kid you not is the world biggest hemorhoid (sp?) contest on E!


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Tuffgong4 said:
well I'm going be sad I won't be able to hear but I like watching the show better...
You got over a year to prepare at least. Not like he is changing next month or even next week. :)


- geek -
OMFG they are killing the show here in Syracuse. Our local DJ has been put in the crosshairs and they are bleeping EVERYTHING! It seems it's going to be a blood bath till the end now. I can't believe we have more then a year of this left. My local channel has taken to cutting the show off @ 10am no matter what as a way to get back at Stern talking about sat. radio. In the end though they are only hurting listeners. I'm not sure if he was joking or not but Stern said prizes and things will be ramped up starting @ 10:05 just because they are going to be dropped by some stations @ 10am.

It's now a 3 way war between Stern<->FCC<->local radio :mad:


Prodigal Son
Waiting on Sirius to come out with their "walkman" style radio. XM already has. I listen at work in the morning on a walkman. Can't wait to here the "real" show as it should be.


Spammer representing.
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I used to listen to his show, but haven't had teh time.

Why is it wrong for him to say or do what he wants? If you don't lik whats on TV then change the channel. Same for teh radio. There are much worste things that people have access to on TV.

Perris Calderon

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I have mixed feelings about aduly content in a medium that kids have easy access

parents need to be parents, but there are sutuations that it's not possible

I think radio during day hours is one of those times

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