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Odd Issue

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Alright I need help as I am loosing it.

A few weeks ago my cousin bought a 80GB iPod Classic and we used my desktop to rip her CDs and sync her iPod since she doesn't have a decent computer.

All was well until the next day when the computer couldn't obtain an IP. I tried everything to fix it:

assign a static IP - no luck, wouldnt communicate with the network
reinstall drivers - no luck
install a spare NIC - no luck
remove SP3 - no luck

Finally I decided to do a repair install, that fixed it, until today. I went to surf the net and the same issue. Now just so you know my sister uses my desktop so her iPod is setup too (separate windows accounts so I can use iTunes with multiple users).

I went to sync her iPod yesterday and iTunes wanted to install an update, so I let it. Now I have this issue, funny thing is that I recall iTunes wanting to install an update back when I was setting up my cousin's iPod.


I tried removing iTunes on the first issue, that didn't fix it. This can't be a coincidence, it has to be iTunes.

Any ideas?


EDIT: System Info

Windows XP Pro SP3
AMD Athlon X2 4600+
3GB Kingston Ram
2x 120GB SATA Hard Drives
Card Reader
Creative X-Fi Platnium
BFG GeForce 7600 (I think)

Dark Atheist

Staff member
Political User
see if you have bonjour folder in program files dir, if you have remove that little son of a bitch

start -> run -> type 'cmd' to bring up a command prompt
type 'sc stop "Bonjour Service"' (include the double quotes but not the single ones!)
type 'sc delete "Bonjour Service"'

Then go to the Bonjour folder and delete the .exe. There is also a dll that cannot be deleted. Change the name of the dll and reboot, and then delete it. AFter that, you need to run a free downloadable program called lspfix, because Bonjour fouls yet something else up that I don't completely understand, but the fix does, in fact, work. You may need Admin rights to do this; I'm not sure. BTW, deleting Bonjour has had no negative impact on my Adobe or ITunes apps that I have been able to discern; which raises yet MORE questions about why it is required in the first place.

last time i had connection issues it was trace back to that little service/exe, and remember to run lspfix, otherwise the winsock layer will be fecked, another example of how that exe messes things up


█▄█ ▀█▄ █
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Bonjour is very nasty, I wouldn't be surprised if that was your issue. Also think it doesn't remove itself as part of the iTunes uninstaller as it's a separate application in ADD/REMOVE.


Bow Down to the King
Political User
I can confirm that Bounjour does appear in Add/Remove. I have had to remove this from several client's office computers. Silly Apple.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
To hell with it, I'm performing a repair install.

It has to be iTunes at fault, it happened after I installed an update both times. Altho my laptop is fine.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Ok, I did a repair install and it didn't fix it this time. Altho last time I had the onboard LAN disabled since I was trying to use a PCI one instead. I realized this when it asked for the LAN drivers during the repair.

I may try disabling the onboard LAN and repair it again.


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Political User
Just read this through a bit more carefully...

Have you tried creating a new user account? Can you post a HJT log? Something has to be getting in the way.

Have you tried going into MSCONFIG and disabling all services accept for Microsoft ones? Disabling ALL startup items?

Anything relevant in the event viewer? Anything in your switch/router? I have seen some devices that will refuse connection from a device if there is something flaky with it, i.e. too many attempted connections for an IP address within a certain amount of time.
Killing bonjour will prevent you from playing music shared from other installations of iTunes thats about it.

If you using anything like pastjour, appjour, gemjour or gitjour then they will also break but I'm almost willing to bet you arent.

Have you tried installing Bonjour for Windows to see if that resolves some bug in the version bundled with iTunes.

You can also check if its running by looking for services on port 5353.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Well I moved the desktop into my room from my sisters and it seems to work now :mad: I did test the cable, it worked fine with my laptop plugged into it, I even tried a new cable. I don't know what happened.

I didn't try a new user account but the desktop has 3 on it and none of em worked.

So for now it seems to work.


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Political User
That is odd indeed - I would suspect a port on the switch/router but your laptop was working when plugged into the same port.

If you bring the desktop back into that room does it work now?

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