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Odd Icon Activity


OSNN Senior Addict
right, so my recycle bin looks real weird on my desktop. i was wondering if i could somehow get rid of that white shadow behind the icon.

or even better, is there a way to make it not say "recycle bin"?


High On Life!
I have the same problem but im too lazy to post haha. benquilter do u have a beta version of direct x 9? this started to happen to me since i installed direct x 9!


OSNN Senior Addict
it went away for me when i unchecked "lock items to desktop". but i might have to try that active desktop thing. is there any benfit in having it active if you don't have like webpages as a background?


High On Life!
yeah now its gone for me too Thanks Ben see you started out with teh trouble and then helped me out haha! it has been making me mad for at least 3 months now, but i thought i was just cuz i had the beta version of direct x 9 so no one would be able to help me out.

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