Odd behavior with Mozilla

Gus K

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Figured I'd take the plunge and give Mozilla 1.2.1 a whirl. Seems very nice, the pop-up stopping works well, and some pages seem to look a little nicer. One thing though, when closing it, or closing an open window, I get a burst of noisy disk activity (not a very pleasant sound, as I normally can't even hear my HD). When I go to the same site and repeat those actions with IE6, this does not happen.

Anty thoughts/fixes, or similiar experences?


I may actually be insane.
Mozilla will tend to use the HD more than IE due to it not being an integral part of Windows.

Do you have the Quick Launch feature enabled? as this will cause a process to re-launch into memory when you close down the browser window.

Gus K

NTFS abuser
Hey Speedy,

So is the quick launch a good thing? I'm not as concerned with the drive access, as much as the sound...it doesn't sound 'healthy'.


I may actually be insane.
Oh, I assumed that you had a noisy drive and Mozilla was causing a lot of access.
Seems odd that only Mozilla will cause the disk to make a noise that's out of the oridinary, is it definately only Mozilla that causes the problem, and definately every time?

As for quick launch, yes, its good. Basically it keeps a sub-process of Mozilla open in the background/system tray which enables the browser to start-up quicker when required. The option to enable/disable it is in Edit > Preferences > Advanced.

Gus K

NTFS abuser
Thanks for the input. It is only Mozilla that does this. I reinstalled and the noise is less disturbing (I'll try a defrag next). It's almost like a quiet buzzing. I usually hear nothing from the Maxtor drive. When closing, Mozilla or any open browser windows, along with the disk access there is a slight pause as it closes out. Do you also have a slight pause with disk access when closing?


I may actually be insane.
Only if QuickLaunch is enabled. As the following will happen when you close Mozilla.
Mozilla window closes > slight delay > Quick Launch opens to sys tray.

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