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ObjectDock RC1 released


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For all you ObjectDock users, you might want to head over to Stardock's website and upgrade to Release Candidate 1.0, which was released today. WinCustomize also has a front-page article, which highlights the major changes. I installed it and have already noticed a couple of nice changes -- especially a fix for the issue that sometimes kept folder shortcuts from opening.


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definitely improved...

the weather docklet works better and acknowledges my zip code :D

also I can now get windows to open maximised as expected :D


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Originally posted by SPeedY_B
Are the default icons still cheesy though?
default icons unchanged afaik...

but you can change the icons...

I personally don't care much.. am glad the weather docklet is fixed though :D

now the docklet shows me what the weather is like outside..


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I've noticed a performance improvement on mine since I upgraded. It would get pretty jumpy sometimes, but so far it's much better now. Also, I haven't had to click on a folder shortcut more than once so far to get it to open, so it looks like that issue has been taken care of! :D


Originally posted by coathanger007
Good thing is Yz will remain freeware forever unlike ObjectDock.
I am not sure what drugs you are on but it might be time to stop for a while because ObjectDock has always been free. As far as I know it will remain that why.


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Only the beta stays free. If you've had any experience with Wincustomize software you'd know that it becomes adware with nag screens etc The whole idea of a release candidate is to get the public to fix bugs before releasing a nagged version. Must be really stoned if you didn't see that one coming :D


Obviously you should ask before assuming... I have been a suscriber to ObjectDesktop and WinCustomize and Stardock Central for 3 years now. Several of Stardocks programs have been freeware even after version 1 has come out.

Cursor XP 1.2
Logon XP RC 6
Pocket Blinds v1
SmartException v1.00.002
XPBench 1.03.024
Stack'N Sac 1.0.009
Elves Incorporated 1.0.001
and so on
Minor nag screen in only a few of them at best.


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Only 2 popular, useful ones are Cursor XP (nag screens) and Logon XP (Release candidate). We'll wait and see what happens with ObjectDock. Betcha I'm right. :)


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Originally posted by NetRyder
Just wondering, what docklets are available for ObjectDock?
Sorry it took a while to get your question answered NetRyder...

MSN Messenger Docklet
Shutdown Docklet
Email Checker
Weather Docklet
Clock (digital or analog)
MP3 Player Docklet
Animated Shortcut
CPU Monitor (Intel & AMD)
Quick Run
Start Button
Hard Disk Monitor
KK Menu

These are all available on WinCustomize. :)

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