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O NO Help Me Pls

I Have Recently Downloaded the latest Microsoft patch for I.E and my firewall one from the XP Update Service. After the download finished I was asked to restart so I did, however once it came back on I noticed that the Computer wouldn't let me open my DVD Drive, I checked on my Computer an it Said C: Local Disk & D: My E: Had disappeared, I Can Open the drive While the Computer is Loading (Restarting) But not on the Desktop. I Tried A System Restore But the Drive is still not detected I have also been on device manager and there is no errors or faults its just Vanished. What Has Happened And how can I fix this?

Thank You


P.S Im sorry if ive put this under the Wrong Section.
Everything Else Works Fine, it must have been the updates, ive emailed Evesham (The Ones Who Made My Comp) But they wont reply untill late 2morro. I Have 2 User Accounts an it doesnt work on that one either. I Havnt tried safemode yet, but im guessin it still wont work.


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OK this happaned to me once. My cd-r drive just dissappeared. So i spent 3 hours talking to some lady on how to fix this. Everything from system restore to cleaning things. Then she put me on hold and 5 minutes later some guy got on and said "turn off your computer. Unplug the power cable for 3 seconds. Plug in the cable. Turn on the computer. Do you have any other questions?" I hadn't even turned off my computer yet and he was about to hang up. But it worked. I dunno why it did, prolly reset something in the BIOS, whateva. it works now.

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