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Nvidia Graphics Driver Problem?


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I have a nvidia Geforce Go 6150 that i seem to be having a few problems with, when i download the updated driver that my computer keeps wanting me to download.

Its listed as an important update in my HP Total care advisor
and its a Nvidia VGA Driver.

Like i said ive tried updating this more than a few times and every time i do
as soon as i run the install and the driver is installed windows keeps telling me that the driver failed and fixed itself. and this happens about every 3 mins.

ive come to the conclusion that i cant be the only person with this problem and that its the driver right?

if not how can it be my laptop, its brand new
Do not use it!

I have an Nvidia card and MS Update keeps trying to shove an Nvidia WHQL driver onto the system. It totally locks up the video and I have to do a rerpair install to get the PC operational again.

Multiple other drivers work fine.


OSNN Junior Addict
ya i figured that much out lol
so the vga driver is a no go, why dont they take it off the update list, cuz its rather annoying

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