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Nvidia Fix

How in the hell do you manually get the drivers for XP. When I unzip and install from the directory it doesn't make a temp directory or I can't find it


Download the exe version. Before double-clicking, close all open app such as antivirus, etc. Now you are on your way. Good luck.

- Alfred
Can't find the EXE version.

I clicked on setup.exe
and still no Temp File.

I am not understanding what he ment by the inf files. How do you install them? Do I find the INF files and right click and install.

Also I dont have a "via.inf"


Questions R me
Look in the archive where you unzipped the file, then follow his instructions - you have to manually choose the file(I'm not at my home pc, so I can't remember the exact location, but I think it's: ..//location where you unzipped/inf and then maybe /winxp

But just choose the file through the control panel like he said and you'll get a choise of what to install..

I gotta tell you, it didn't work for me :( I still get Blue Screens..


Questions R me
OK, I am home now :D - do this:

Open control panel --> System-->Hardware-->Device Manager-->System Devices-->Right Mouse Click on the device you wish to update-->Select Update Driver-->Install from a list or specific location-->Don't search, I will choose the driver to install-->Click on have disk-->\Inf\WINXP

Then choose the correct driver... then repeat.. I hope that helps :)


Via's latest 4in1

Ok' did it work??? I wanna know. I pretty much tried the samething but with no luck. I actually don't know what I am doing so....But You said the patch for Nvidia/XP/viakt266, Didn't work for you??? What's the deal??? I've only had succsess with lowering my DRAM clock to 100. But what about installing the new drivers and patch???? I don't think anybody outside of VIA knows. I got the George patch but have heard it's only maskinng a problem that still is underlying. Koudo's to all who are helping others with this Via/Xp instability.Boogers!!!~~I hope VIA comes out with a working resolution. So we can all benifit from the Dynamics we we're all expecting from this new technology!! ~Kelly

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