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Nvidia Detonator Settings

What are typically the best settings for the detonators to get the best performance / quality out of the cards.

I'm using a gainward g4 TI4200 64MB and have always just left the driver settings on default. What should I change to get the most out of my card?

Currently I'm using the 41.03 drivers.

Thanks in advance.


Performance/quality? That is a bit of a contradiction, do you want the best performance, the best quality or a combination of the two. For plain old best performance I recommend
Antialiasing - OFF
Anisotropic filtering - OFF
Direct 3D - Enable fog table emulation
- Mipmap detail level - BEST PERFORMANCE
- more direct 3D - v-sync - ALWAYS OFF
OpenGL - v-sync - ALWAYS OFF
Clock frequencies - as high as they go :p

Good luck tweakin :cool:
I was just wondering what are typically good settings for performance without loosing lots of image quality.

Thank you for the reply.


Well with a card that good, you could probably afford to turn up antialiasing to 2x (this smooths edges), and turn anisotropic filtering(this filters stuff too :confused: ) up a bit. And if you want less teary type graphics, set v-sync to always on. Mipmap detail to best image quality. It's a compromise that you must make between quality and performance depending on what games you play, what resolution you play etc.
There is a new setting in the 41.03 drivers - the performance slider from application through to aggressive but I haven't noticed any difference in benchmarks between these settings.

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